I’m delighted to be joined by Troy and Marinella who’ve joined as crew until May. Having crew on board means I can get out and sail the boat. Our first trip out was to wave off the World ARC fleet on the first leg of their 18month circumnavigation. Felt a little sad that I wasn’t joining them, perhaps next year. If you fancy an adventure let me know as I’m looking for crew.

Later on in the week we headed down the coast for an overnight stay in Soufrier. This is probably the prettiest part of the island and is a protected area so there’s good snorkling and diving.


Interesting watching the local fishermen. 4 or five in a small boat. When they saw a school of fish 2 would jump in whilst the boat circled letting out the net. They then splashed around to frighten the fish into the net whilst drawing the circle smaller and smaller.


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