Bespoke additions

Other Lagoon owners might be interested in the additions I’ve made to Ripples II.

I have found the stern steps on the 450 to be next to useless. They’re moulded into the outside of the hull and there’s no convenient handhold. If you fell in whilst attempting to use the steps you’d be right into the propellors. So, to make life easier for my crew when coming alongside I had some steel steps made which are mounted to the sloping transom, through bolted with epoxied plywood backing plates to make them super strong. Off the shelf handrails mounted to the inside of the hull give a solid and secure position to step off from.

I put in a Seagull IV drinking water filter under the sink in the galley. The taps is fitted through the worktop next to the sink. This gives water with no taste or smell and saves me having to buy and carry drinking water.

Next addition is the bookcase I had made which I fitted above the cupboards in the owners cabin. This was dead space and the bookcase adds very valuable storage. The steel framework was done by my local metal shop and shelves from Ikea match the interior very nicely.

A custom mounting pole on the starboard side deck supports my Iridium sattelite antenna, a wifi booster aerial and my YellowBrick tracking device. The wifi booster is great as it allows me to pick up signals when out at anchor and everyone on board can share the connection. The Iridium satt phone is very expensive to use but gives me weather charts by email and contact with home from pretty much anywhere on the planet. The tracker is set to update every 4 hours so you can see where I am using my Position map.

I found that there’s certain things you constantly need access too so I built a workbench in the owners cabin to replace the 2 seats. This gives storage for all my tool boxes, spares, tools and charts. I also have somewhere to work on projects.

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