This is my list of upgrades wanted on Ripples II

Book shelving owners cabin – being made

Dual fuel filter each engine

Fuel cleaning/balancing system

Spare halyards spectra

Charts paper & Navionics

Update existing paper charts

Saloon berth base – got, made myself

Dining table legs

Stern steps and handles

Bigger spade anchor S180 Spade fitted

Offshore wet gear – got a set of Musto MPX gear

Wetsuit and diving gear kitted out for our holiday to Egypt

Air compressor got Bauer Junior II W

Variety of spares

Spinnaker and code 0 sheets

Navtex – got a Furano NX300, fitted and working

Rod mounts got

Sextant and tables

outboard locks – got a big heavy Honda lock

fuel filter funnel

storage hammocks – ordered force4

spare hoses

cig lighter extension lead and splitter – got a 3.5m lead from Maplin

trip hook

spreader/shroud covers – using pipe lagging tube

flags – got Ensign, Union and signal flags, also IOM, Eire, Spain, Portugal courtesy flags

mast halyard bag

sun awning

mattress topper

24hr+ grab bag – got a decent sized bag, now need the contents